Is Utopia a dream of sleeping fools?

Pop Zeitgeist – A Great Society for the Hundred-Percenters

What is it about storytellers’ imagination that it is inspired by the dystopian rather than the utopian? Dystopian novels are intriguing, for sure, and they reconfigure our social, political, and economic failings in a contextualized environment. They are literary caveats, Cassandra-like parables about what our world could become if we give in to our fears […]


M. finding his way to a spot for creating a suitable new home for a seedling

Extreme Planting Interview With Arnaud De Grave on Loggers – Planters in British Columbia

“Live an interesting life and you’ll take interesting pictures.” – Jim O’Connell You know the photographer Arnaud De Grave from such HESO projects as the interview with Christiania documentary photographer Charlotte Østervang as well as his in-depth gastronomic reportage on French Truffles and the simple art of Gnocchi. Of course. The French-born, raised and educated […]

HESO Photo of the Week by Arnaud De Grave

HESO Photo of the Week from Arnaud De Grave

Cultural river bank restauration in Lillooet, BC In Lillooet, British Columbia, about 250 km north of Vancouver, I was involved in helping a small group of First Nations’ volunteers from the Sekw’el’was tribe and some conservationist scholars who had been working to restore a riparian (i.e. a piece of land close to water, a river, […]

Breakfast in Barceloneta

The (mostly) French food roadtrip – stop 1: Barcelona!

So… long story short, I will bring my friend Rowena K. from Barcelona, Spain to Leuven, Belgium by car. We could drive it in one go, it’s only about 16 hours but that would be a waste of good food and drink opportunities, would it not? Come on! Barcelona, the South of France, the (roughly) […]