Movies To Travel To

It’s summer in most of Asia, which means heat, sweaty, hot, shirt sticking to you no relief in sight mold literally growing on you dampness. Rather than another boring “How To Beat the Heat” post, which never really work, how about just distracting that part of your brain always reminding you of the barometer reading […]

Deerhoof in Tokyo (Manny Santiago)

Interview with Deerhoof

On paper they read like a relatively run-of-the-mill, up and coming alternative rock band: two guitars, bass, drums, female vocalist all playing their hearts out for an eclectic independent label from backwoods, USA. Yet Deerhoof is not your typical San Francisco band. Nor is KRS (Kill Rock Stars) your typical label. Though somehow the two […]


Dybbuk, the dislocated soul of the dead, Illustration by Ephraim Moshe Lilien.

The Resurrection of the Unoriginal Spawns A Revival of Mogwai

Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, (29) And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.                   […]

Tim & Puma Mimi and the apple

The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi

As the sparse synthesizer and video games breaks beep to life on the first track of The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi we hear a Puma Mimi ask a question, “Acchi, kocchi, acchi, kocchi, dochi ni ikou?” (Here, there, here, there, which way to go?). It is unclear if she’s asking us or […]


Kodō – Taiko Extraordinaire

It was 2002 during the World Cup when I first put the music to the name: Kodō. It wasn’t until I had heard Tataku: The Best of Kodō II (1994-1999), an amazing collection of their most recent recorded performances, that I made the connection between the music I was listening to and the globe-trotting band […]

The National - Boxer

The National: Boxer

Part of the experience of becoming attached to an album is that surprising moment when it comes at you out of left field, when something doesn’t go quite as you’d expect. A good album gets behind your defenses and bypasses your algorithms of expectation. It makes you set new frames of reference and reconsider what […]

Mars At Maxs

The Beard – EP 4 – Punk Pt. II – New Wave to No Wave

There are no new waves, there is only the ocean. — Jean-Luc Godard Rock n’ roll has changed the world and its culture forever. From its inception, rock n’ roll influenced musicians across the world, each adding his or her own twist to it, giving birth to sub-genres, or the musical children of rock n’ […]