Okino Shuya © Maria Golomidova (HESO Magazine)

Shuya Okino Interview

Shuya Okino has been DJing on the international scene for more than two decades, bringing the best Crossover Jazz to the Americas, Europe and Asia in a soulful effort to bridge musical as well as cultural divides. Garnering early acclaim with Kyoto Jazz Massive’s first single, “Eclipse/Silent Messenger” and the release of the subsequent album […]

Björk Live in Tokyo © Daniel Griffin

Man Behind Björk – Interview with Damian Taylor

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Björk Volta concert in Tokyo, on both nights to met up with and interview Damian Taylor, the musical director and band member, watch the show, take photos and find out more about the tour and instruments. Unfortunately Björk couldn’t do an interview herself, as she […]



Built To Spill – Untethered Moon

The Beard – EP 115 – Built To Spill by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Ex-Indie Rock giants Built To Spill have their first new album out in more than six years. It has probably been longer than that since I have heard anything from them. Long off my radio radar due to ODing on them […]

Hop Along - Painted Shut

Hop Along – Painted Shut

I’ve never made music alone. I’ve written a lot of songs in my room by myself. Somehow there always end up being a lot of people, a lot of experience involved and that’s what makes them important. — Frances Quinlan The Beard – EP 120 – Hop Along by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Hop Along […]

Mac McCaughan - Non-Believers

Mac McCaughan – Non-Believers

What appeals to me is songs that deal with the messiness and ambiguity that come with any transitional period. — Mac McCaughan The Beard – EP 119 – Mac McCaughan by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Mac McCaughan – Non-Believers Who is Mac McCaughan(Read the HESO Interview)? If you listen to rock music these days it’s […]

Tim & Puma Mimi and the apple

The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi

As the sparse synthesizer and video games breaks beep to life on the first track of The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi we hear a Puma Mimi ask a question, “Acchi, kocchi, acchi, kocchi, dochi ni ikou?” (Here, there, here, there, which way to go?). It is unclear if she’s asking us or […]

Kyoto Jazz Massive Turns 20

Kyoto Jazz Massive Turns 20

Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple. –Charles Mingus Kyoto Jazz Massive on a Blue Note Mission by Beard Radio on Mixcloud In order to define the new album Mission by Kyoto Jazz Sextet (Blue Note Japan, 2015), and the renaissance of Crossover Jazz in Japan one needs to step […]