Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at Fujirock 2009 (Manny Santiago)

Best of Japan Decade part II 2009

This summary of the Japan I have come across since coming here in 2001 through today is by no means exhaustive and even now as I drink my 11.3% Trappistes Rochefort while rereading this, I am likely cringing at what I have left out. That said, how about we end the year with a few […]


The Bling Ring Film Poster

Bling, Babes, and the American Way – Pop Zeitgeist

Sometimes the facts of the matter just don’t add up. The sum of human knowledge being what it is, the Internet benefiting us near total access of poetry, literature, philosophy, and music, and yet Kim Kardashian is among the most famous Americans on the planet. Triumphant geeks in apotheosis boast of their roles in the […]

Chashu Pork Bowl

Chāshū Pork Bowl

Chāshū Pork Bowl, a photo by Dutch Harbor Sushi on Flickr. The Chāshū Pork Bowl at Harbor Sushi. Chāshū is a traditional barbeque pork dish from China known as Char siu, but like most great things Chinese, the Japanese culture has adapted char siu and in many ways, improved on it, by including it as […]