Of Horses and Men

Horse shagging and Jodorowsky: a report from Tokyo International Film Festival 2013

Sharing acronyms can be a real shitter, especially when you’re forever relegated to second place. A month after Toronto International Film Festival wraps up its annual media frenzy, Tokyo wheels out its own TIFF – an event that, but for its accreditation by the FIAPF, might as well not exist to the wider world. You’ll […]


Ashkan Khatabi and Amir Jafari in "Bending the Rules"

Notes on Tokyo International Film Festival 2013

And the Mud Ship Sails Away (Hirobumi Watanabe) And the Mud Ship Sails Away has the nonchalant, half-assed feel of one of those Downtown sketches that start out funny and then refuse to end. The opening title – “Inertia” – pretty much sums up this meandering, no-budget hymn to the tedium of life in rural Tochigi, […]

Dining With Terrorists © Phil Rees

Dining With Terrorists by Phil Rees

GIA, ETA, IRA, ELN, FARC, Tamil Tigers, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayaf. What do these names mean? What makes the men who establish & recruit for them tick? To try and answer these questions, HESO looks at Phil Rees’ seminal book Dining With Terrorists

The Lost Interview - Junku Nishimura

Lost Interview Series – Photographer Junku Nishimura

The first time I saw the photography of Junku Nishimura I became transported to a different place, like a poor man’s Arthur Dent, though not so much gone on an actual trip as merely dumbstruck, mouth agape, thoughtless and wearing a frayed robe and suddenly wondering where my towel was. It is not as if […]

The French film poster for The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973)

Pop Zeitgeist The Fool On the Hill

“You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold.” — Jodorowsky’s Alchemist Cinema was developed more than a hundred years ago with purely entertainment purposes in mind: it was a way for an entrepreneur to make a buck. However, it didn’t take the State too long to discover its manifest possibilities as a tool of […]