The Lost Interview - Junku Nishimura

Lost Interview Series – Photographer Junku Nishimura

The first time I saw the photography of Junku Nishimura I became transported to a different place, like a poor man’s Arthur Dent, though not so much gone on an actual trip as merely dumbstruck, mouth agape, thoughtless and wearing a frayed robe and suddenly wondering where my towel was. It is not as if […]

Fragments of Tokyo - Interview with Jon Ellis

Fragments of Tokyo 2011

Jon Ellis is one of those people whom you never expect to meet. But there he is. At the end of the table sipping his Guinness with a polite smile on his face. He wears dark clothing and knows way more about goth music than you ever will, though in fact he is quite a […]



Sigur Rós Valtari

Like any Sigur Ros album, listening to Valtari for the first time is like waking from a nap—groggy and un-lucid. All music is a series of patterns: keys, scales, chords, progressions but somehow Sigur Ros consistently avoids such trappings (four years after the band formed in 1994 they added a keyboard player who was the […]

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Get Seriously Hysterical

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Get Seriously Hysterical

Even as the first throbbing electro-cadences of Hysterical‘s opening track fade in, and the thought that this could be the unpublished coda to “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood” pushes its way into your head, you have not heard this album yet. The initial nervousness dissapates as soon as leadman Alec Ounsworth croons “Open […]

The Charlatans - Modern Nature

The Charlatans Release ‘Modern Nature’

Listen to the album while reading the review. The Charlatans have been unfortunately plagued by a double-sided curse. Unfortunate in the fact that they have lost multiple members to various causes of death, both natural an un-, double-sided in that they inevitably muster on, producing genuinely good albums every few years since the late 80s. […]

Take Berlin - Lionize

Take Berlin Releases Lionize EP

Take Berlin: “Lionize” MOUTHWATERING RECORDS (VÖ: 17.05.2013) Yvonne Ambree was performing at the Baltic Soul Festival with soul legends Gwen McCrae and Ann Sexton, while Jesse Barnes was there while touring with New York-based Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the True Loves. The two met backstage just as Jesse and the band were running vocal warm-ups […]

Album Cover for Oy's Kokokyinaka

OY Drops New LP Kokokyinaka

The second album from OY, the musical guise of the half Ghanaian and half Swiss vocalist Joy Frempong, debuts worldwide today with the tongue-twisting title KOKOKYINAKA. Three years after First Box Then Walk, which put her on the musical map, OY is back with the recollected musings of rambling road trip across Africa. From the […]

Toshiko Kato at Fujirock 2011 (HESO Magazine)

FUJI ROCK 2011 – The Good The Bad and The Wet

Millions in this our twenty-first century have danced with abandon and sensuous joy to music played under the sun and moon, clouds and stars, on massive sound systems, to humongous crowds, where it may be just as hard to remember the music as to forget it: I’m alluding to those events known as rock festivals—those […]