A Floating World in Bloom - HESO Interviews Tokyo-based photographer Michael Nguyen

A Floating World in Bloom – Interview with Michael Nguyen

I first met Michael Nguyen on a beautiful spring day in Tokyo, the flowers in bloom. We were in a Shibuya park on Meiji Dori, where an anti-nuke rally climaxed in a costumed hippie drum offensive, bursting in the dappled light. If I remember correctly, Mike had a can of beer and a cigarette (he […]

Hasegawa (HESO Magazine)

A New Age For Ainu: Interview with Hasegawa Osamu

In 2008, just before the G8 summit took place in Hokkaido, another less covered event occurred on the same island. At the Indigenous People’s Summit, representatives of indigenous groups from all over the world met, bringing special attention to Japan’s own native people, the Ainu. Ahead of the summit, the Japanese government issued a statement […]


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Get Seriously Hysterical

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Get Seriously Hysterical

Even as the first throbbing electro-cadences of Hysterical‘s opening track fade in, and the thought that this could be the unpublished coda to “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood” pushes its way into your head, you have not heard this album yet. The initial nervousness dissapates as soon as leadman Alec Ounsworth croons “Open […]

Sex Wax Goes Surfing

Sex Wax Goes Surfing

The term “Sex Wax” has always fascinated me. As a youth growing up in Long Beach, our tiny house just separated from the beach by the Pacific Coast Highway, my mother told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to “set foot across PCH.” Hearing talk of body boarding and surfing at school […]

Sigur Rós - Valtari

Sigur Rós – Valtari

Like any Sigur Ros album, listening to Valtari for the first time is like waking from a nap—groggy and un-lucid. All music is a series of patterns: keys, scales, chords, progressions but somehow Sigur Ros consistently avoids such trappings (four years after the band formed in 1994 they added a keyboard player who was the […]

American Football circa 1997

American Football Deluxe Edition

American Football American Football Deluxe Edition Polyvinyl Records Release: 20 May 2014 In the 15 years since its release, American Football’s self-titled debut full-length has quietly become one of the most fiercely beloved titles in the Polyvinyl catalog. Though the trio — Mike Kinsella (Cap’n Jazz, Owen, Owls), Steve Lamos, and Steve Holmes — only […]


This Is Cornelius – Interview with Oyamada Keigo

Fantasma Cornelius is not a man. Nor, for that matter, is he an ape (though the name comes from Planet of the Apes). Cornelius is a musical group founded by Oyamada Keigo (小山田圭吾) in the early 90s after his Shibuya-kei duo with Ozawa Kenji, Flipper’s Guitar, split up. Suddenly a solo act, Oyamada spent the […]

Harouki-Zombie Objet Petit A

New Music Releases from of Montreal and Harouki-Zombie

Asking too many questions never got anyone any answers. Beyond the dull what is the meaning of life and why god why asking questions to yourself whilst sitting alone in a room is more a kind of mental masturbation leading to nowhere. Might as well put some music on that snazzy Bose Digital SoundDock on […]