The Meaning of Life © Don Hertzfeldt

Interview With Don Hertzfeldt

As the following will show, and after repeated attempts at contacting Mr. Hertzfeldt himself, I had to “make up” the following interview, though, that notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean Don didn’t say these things. Hey, me no plagiarizer. Thanks to Rob, for pointing me in the right way. I’ve included the intro questions, which, though now […]


Japandroids Celebration Rock

Japandroids Celebration Rock

It is hard to imagine Brian King and David Prowse being in a room together and not sounding like ten guys with heavy equipment making a lot of noise. But making good, and occasionally great, rock noise. And being unapologetically melodic and poetic about it to boot. But they beat me to that punch: this […]

Maasai Mbili Jam session in Kibera

BLNRB – Welcome to the Madhouse

  “When the music changes, so does the dance.” — African Proverb BLNRB-NRBLN is an electro-hip hop fusion of two musical meccas seeking to expand horizons: Berlin and Nairobi. The renown Modeselektor, alongside electronic producers Gebrüder Teichmann and artist trio Jahcoozi, packed up their equipment and made the long trip to Kenya, where they met […]

Elvis Presley Legacy Edition

The Beard – EP 2 – Elvis

Episode 2 of The Beard focuses on the first idol, Elvis Aaron Presley. It is hard to get a sense of just how popular he was. But for what? For being a rebel for the youth of the fifties while still possessing the polite, genteel posturing of a southern youth. Infamous for his hip shake, […]

Burn by K_Chico

Burn by K_Chico

Steel guitars, harmonicas, polaroid cameras, lp albums spinning on an old record player. The real meaning of these anachronisms is their irreproducible original–the analogue which has natural equivalent–the real thing. Like your girl: is she a photo fantasy listening to your records in lingerie or is she real? “Burn”, a smart and edgy new video […]

Fujirock Festival – Rebel Without A Raincoat

Fujirock Festival – Rebel Without A Raincoat

I prepped for FujiRock 2013 as I do any journey lasting a few days: I woke up early and hustled. My preparations involved organizing for inclement weather, as the weekend forecast for Naeba and its environs was rain, soft rain, hard rain, thunder-and-lightning rain, and finally, some more rain. I would have to get used […]

Okino Shuya © Maria Golomidova (HESO Magazine)

Shuya Okino Interview

Shuya Okino has been DJing on the international scene for more than two decades, bringing the best Crossover Jazz to the Americas, Europe and Asia in a soulful effort to bridge musical as well as cultural divides. Garnering early acclaim with Kyoto Jazz Massive’s first single, “Eclipse/Silent Messenger” and the release of the subsequent album […]