Tmymtur - Yusei 湧声

TMYMTUR – Yusei 湧声 – 5000 Gushing Voices

The microscopic particles were developed by myriads of voices. They make you feel the vitality as if lives are flowing over, and after a while, you will realize you are being covered by them, as if sinking into the deep psyche. Then, as if they correlate with the millions of flowing lives and nature in […]


Mongolia then and now (Manny Santiago)

Genghis Khan – Man of the Millennium

Across the barren steppe totem flags flap in the cold winds that blow from the Altai mountains beneath a bright blue sky. The world’s last wild horses run in the distance as herds of goat, sheep and cows graze on the sparse grass. A shaman’s drum beats rhythmically across the land while a woman in […]

USA_Alaska_DutchHarbor_BaldEagles_EatingFromTheDumpster #faceofclimate

The Face of Climate Change

America on the rocks – the updated national symbol of the United States: the dumpster diving Bald Eagle. How many can you count?