Exterior Hut House - Taos, New Mexico - Garbage Warrior by Oliver Hodge

Garbage Warrior

An Open Eye Media U.K. production. (International sales: the Works Intl., London.) Produced by Rachel Wexler. Directed by Oliver Hodge. With: Michael Reynolds. Mike Reynolds is a true garbage warrior. For more than thirty years he has been pioneering the field of architecture by introducing a new method of self-sustainable building called “Earthship Biotecture.” Before […]


Deerhoof in Tokyo (Manny Santiago)

Interview with Deerhoof

On paper they read like a relatively run-of-the-mill, up and coming alternative rock band: two guitars, bass, drums, female vocalist all playing their hearts out for an eclectic independent label from backwoods, USA. Yet Deerhoof is not your typical San Francisco band. Nor is KRS (Kill Rock Stars) your typical label. Though somehow the two […]

蛸と海女 Octopus and Shell Diver (Hokusai, 1824)

Anime Psychedelica the Work of Satoshi Kon

While studying photography on a secluded part of the south coast of California in the late nineties I dated a frisky young blonde co-ed for a little more than a year. In our breaks from study we camped in Big Sur, visited her father’s home in Palo Alto and accompanied her family to their cabin […]

Mochitsuki - Making Mochi for Japanese New Year (HESO Magazine)

Mochitsuki New Year in Japan Making Mochi

Come the Japanese New Year, when some particularly enthusiastic families and co-workers across the archipelago once again dust off their bamboo rice steamers, big wooden hammers, not forgetting the Sake, and head off to the local community center, school, or as in my case, the abandoned yacht club, it raises the hairs on the neck […]