The Bling Ring Film Poster

Bling, Babes, and the American Way – Pop Zeitgeist

Sometimes the facts of the matter just don’t add up. The sum of human knowledge being what it is, the Internet benefiting us near total access of poetry, literature, philosophy, and music, and yet Kim Kardashian is among the most famous Americans on the planet. Triumphant geeks in apotheosis boast of their roles in the […]


Interview with SNJEZANA JOSIPOVIC (HESO Magazine)


SNJEZANA JOSIPOVIC is immediately enigmatic. Her voice is such that you feel the words rather than hear them, like an animal’s growl, a kick drum in the dark, or a wave’s crash on rocks. And at the same time she’s sweet and laughs a lot, which covers for the lack of silence. Let me explain. […]

Lands at the Edge of the World © Andrey Shapran (HESO Magazine)

Andrey Shapran – Lands at the Edge of the World

Why do some races of people seem to have an advantage over others? Why are some countries rich and others poor? Why are some people haves and others have-nots? For argument’s sake let’s say that having (education, health, work) is the ostensible goal of human society on earth and not-having (basic somatic needs insecure) is […]

Burn by K_Chico

Burn by K_Chico

Steel guitars, harmonicas, polaroid cameras, lp albums spinning on an old record player. The real meaning of these anachronisms is their irreproducible original–the analogue which has natural equivalent–the real thing. Like your girl: is she a photo fantasy listening to your records in lingerie or is she real? “Burn”, a smart and edgy new video […]