Letter From The Editor – Digital V. Analog

“It now appears that books in the form so beloved by Uncle Alex and me, hinged in unlocked boxes, packed with leaves speckled by ink, are obsolescent. My grandchildren are already doing much of their reading from words projected on the face of a video screen. Please, please, please wait just a minute. At the […]


TC - Johannesburg - Concert - Dokta Spizee - ╕ Masimba Sasa

Ten Cities – Where the Literary Meets the Beat – Goethe Institut

TEN CITIES, brought to you by the Goethe-Institut, is a journey of musicians and writers. It is musical research project that brings together 50 DJs, producers and musicians from the ten cities (BERLIN BRISTOL CAIRO JOHANNESBURG KYIV LAGOS LISBON LUANDA NAIROBI NAPLES…& EVENTUALLY WORLDWIDE), enabling them to cooperate and produce music together. Guided by ten […]


Ainu an Exhibition from Laura Liverani

AINU (2009- 2013) photographs by Laura Liverani The Ainu, the native people of Japan, were officially recognized as an ethnicity in 2008, after more than a century of discrimination and oppression which almost completely effaced their language, society and culture. Today several individuals and groups across Japan are involved in Ainu rights, cultural revitalization and […]

Fragments of Tokyo - Interview with Jon Ellis

Fragments of Tokyo 2011

Jon Ellis is one of those people whom you never expect to meet. But there he is. At the end of the table sipping his Guinness with a polite smile on his face. He wears dark clothing and knows way more about goth music than you ever will, though in fact he is quite a […]

Critical State ©Tommy Oshima

Creative Ways to Donate to Tohoku Quake Tsunami Relief Effort

Video © Atomicboyx of the children’s relief organization KID’S EARTH FUND As of this writing (March 22, 2011) the Japanese National Police Agency has 9,199 confirmed deaths, 13,786 people missing as well as more than 125,000 buildings destroyed in the March 11th Tohoku Earthquake, the subsequent tsunami and the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Plant Incident. The […]