Interview with Photographer Edward Olive

Interview with Photographer Edward Olive

Interview with Photographer Edward Olive HESO: When did you first pick up a camera? Edward: Very late on, but I’m not looking back. I’m looking to keep taking my photos to the next level and to move all my old pictures just as far round the world as they can go. Sometimes I look back […]

Nina the Swedish Goddess of Luang Prabang, Laos

Toy Cameras – Four Corners Dark

Toy Cameras – Four Corners Dark What is the mystery of photography? Why do we love the static image? What is it that these fragments of reality, frozen in time tell us? What is it about the photograph’s ability to transcend commonplace existence that has taken it from an unrecognized set of chemical reactions to […]


Tmymtur - Yusei 湧声

TMYMTUR – Yusei 湧声 – 5000 Gushing Voices

The microscopic particles were developed by myriads of voices. They make you feel the vitality as if lives are flowing over, and after a while, you will realize you are being covered by them, as if sinking into the deep psyche. Then, as if they correlate with the millions of flowing lives and nature in […]

Kamasi Washington - Blue Note in Tokyo

Kamasi Washington – The Epic

“It’s hard to find unique voices in this music. Especially in jazz, more so lately, everybody is trying to do the same shit. I don’t want to hear ‘My Favorite Things’ anymore… What I am hearing is a leader among artists.” –Flying Lotus The Beard – EP 123 – Kamasi Washington by Beard Radio on […]

Okino Shuya © Maria Golomidova (HESO Magazine)

Shuya Okino Interview

Shuya Okino has been DJing on the international scene for more than two decades, bringing the best Crossover Jazz to the Americas, Europe and Asia in a soulful effort to bridge musical as well as cultural divides. Garnering early acclaim with Kyoto Jazz Massive’s first single, “Eclipse/Silent Messenger” and the release of the subsequent album […]

Speedy Ortiz - Foil Deer

Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer

The Beard – EP 121 – Speedy Ortiz by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer When checking out Speedy Ortiz’s site, Google asks if you want it translated from Spanish. Racist or ironic? Neither. Judging a book by its cover (or in this case a band by their name) is dangerous, because […]

Fuji Rock 2010

Fujirock Music Festival – Traversing the Musical Landscape

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by MDMA…” All the festivals I have ever been to ran like modern versions of Ginsberg’s “Howl”- there were boys with dinner-plate eyes rocking back and forth in darkened corners of tents, girls wailing that they’d dropped their baggies in the mudfield outside the mobile toilets, […]

Burn by K_Chico

Burn by K_Chico

Steel guitars, harmonicas, polaroid cameras, lp albums spinning on an old record player. The real meaning of these anachronisms is their irreproducible original–the analogue which has natural equivalent–the real thing. Like your girl: is she a photo fantasy listening to your records in lingerie or is she real? “Burn”, a smart and edgy new video […]