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Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Salmon season has begun in Alaska, and the King (Chinook), Chum (Keta), Silver (Coho), Pink (Humpy), and Red (Sockeye) are the salmon species most frequently targeted in freshwater and saltwater sport fisheries. Starting in May and June with King Salmon, June and July are good are good times for Reds, while Pinks & Chum have a short season in July and August, Silvers can often peak in September. In Alaska, although salmon returns to streams near the major population center is relatively small, large returns do occur on other more remote areas which are accessible only by boat or by floatplane. Lakes and the mouths of rivers typically provide exceptional angling opportunities for sockeye salmon during June and July and then again for coho during August.

TASTING NOTES: A bold and balanced IPA.
13 INGREDIENTS: Rogue Farms Dare™, Risk™, Maier Munich & Dare™ R-3 Malts; Rogue Farms Liberty, Newport, Revolution, Rebel, Independent, Freedom & Alluvial Hops; Pacman Yeast & Free-Range Coastal Water
Crafted with 7 of the 8 Hops grown at Rogue Farms.
22oz Bottle & 4 Pack / 18° Plato / 7.77% ABV / 76 IBU / 78 AA / 16° L

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

"Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." – Benjamin Franklin

"Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." - Benjamin Franklin

Mint Festival September 29, 2012

Mint Festival in Leeds UK

Mint Festival September 29, 2012 LEEDS! My favorite British accent has decided they need a festival. The teams behind the Leeds Mint Club and Mint Warehouse have decided that it would not be any trouble at all to say fuck it, let’s make a new Mint Festival. It’s happening on Saturday, 29th September 2012, Noon to One int he morning, at Lotherton Hall in Leeds. Headlining the tangy production will be Wolf & Lamb, Soul Clap, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Surgeon, Ben Klock, Sandwell District, Joker and many more.

From the press release: The 10,000 capacity all day festival will feature four stages carefully curated by leading local club nights including System, Jungle Jam, Bitch, Flux, Bigger Than Barry and more. The line-up itself boasts a diverse array of the biggest DJs and live acts in house, techno, disco, drum and bass and mainstream dance.

Brownstock © brownstockjess

Labrinth to headline 2012 Brownstock Music Festival in Essex

Brownstock  ©  brownstockjess

Brownstock © brownstockjess

It’s arguable that Britain has always been way ahead of the curve when it comes to dance music, djs, festivals and therefore fun. So it should come as no surprise that doing it once again (for the eighth time) is Brownstock Festival, the annual Music Festival run by the Brown family on their farm in Essex. Set to welcome 6000 visitors through the gates August 31st – September 2nd, the festival is completely independent and run entirely by the Brown family and friends, which gives it a “uniquely rustic and handmade feel” according to PR man Alex Jukes. It has everything those overly crowded and unwieldy festivals have: music, but includes a more intimate setting for comedy, storytelling, street art camp, skateboarding park, parkour displays, street dance, a silent disco. But wait, who wouldn’t want a chance to try a home raised Aberdeen Angus Beef burger from the Brown Family farm? More information here.

The latest line up features a live set by Labrinth, Nero on the turntables, Zane Lowe, Grandmaster Flash, Toddla T, Artwork (Magnetic Man), Doorly, Jackmaster, The Cuban Brothers, Magistrates, Extra Curricular, Mele, Angelos Epithemiou, Missing Andy, Format, Angry vs The Bear, BB, Man Get out, British Intelligence, Stealing Signs & yes, there will be more.

Kasar & Piano

En Automn by Kasar

Video single of “En Automn”, from Piano Has Been Smoking, the latest album from Arnold Kasar, classically trained pianist making beats with just a Steinway grand piano and a sequencer.

Known for his work with Sonar Kollektiv, Berlin pianist and electro-producer Arnold Kasar has worked with Micatone, a member of the band Nylon and has collaborated with artists such as the cult Berlin entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein as a producer and songwriter. He says, “I would describe my music as film music, or to put it better, music for films that have not yet been made.”

The Japanese film music composer, Joe Hisaishi, Ennio Morricone, Arthur Russel and Brian Eno are strong influences. Alongside the Tom Waits reference which gives the album its name, the Japanese artist Mami Konishi, aka Minguss, lends her voice to the song “Solo Sunny”.

Burn by K_Chico

Burn by K_Chico

Steel guitars, harmonicas, polaroid cameras, lp albums spinning on an old record player. The real meaning of these anachronisms is their irreproducible original–the analogue which has natural equivalent–the real thing. Like your girl: is she a photo fantasy listening to your records in lingerie or is she real?

“Burn”, a smart and edgy new video single that uses the latest in technology to reference the analogue of old cameras and yesterday’s blues by seamlessly blending sound and vision into a modern version more palatable for today’s globetrotting vagabond culture where airmiles are the new currency and thumb drives full of mp3s are the new handshake.

The imagery forces one to think of the inevitable loss of the past, remembered as bordering on an almost treacly nostalgia, yet “Burn”‘s old-timey blues noise is sublime enough to distract us from what is truly being suggested: that everything offered here, both sonically and visually, can be digitally reproduced ad nauseam, including the girl. Since experiencing K_Chico live is the only way to go, those of us living outside that realm of possibility must suffice with the digital representation.

Some Facts:

  • Pre-production – 5 Months
  • Days of shooting photos – 2
  • Total pictures taken – 3072
  • Pictures used in the video – 256
  • Average time of work morphing one scene 6 hours
  • Scenes morphed in total – 108
  • Scenes used in the video – 42
  • Actual videos used in video – 3
  • People on set – 6
ArtPad SF Exhibition 2012 © Misako Inaoka

HESO Photo of the Week Misako Inaoka Exhibition

ArtPad SF Exhibition 2012 © Misako Inaoka

ArtPad SF Exhibition 2012 © Misako Inaoka

Flowers © Misako Inaoka

Flowers © Misako Inaoka

Dear friends and colleagues,

My new work will be at ArtPad SF from Thursday, May 17th through Sunday, May 20th. I hope to see you at the fair.

Also, my first animation piece is in a collaborative show called Broadside Attractions: Vanquished Terrains and is getting lots of great reviews! It is up till May 26th, please visit at:

Intersection for the Arts
SF Chronicle Review
Art Enthusiast
Misako Inaoka Homepage

Petrified Red Flower at steps outside Benzaiten Shrine on Enoshima

HESO Photo of the Week Yuki Aoyama

Petrified Red Flower at steps outside Benzaiten Shrine on Enoshima

Petrified Red Flower at steps outside Benzaiten Shrine on Enoshima


“Good Luck today. Say yes to everything. if someone, anyone, even a stranger, asks you to do something (within reason), do it. You can see opportunities come to you, the ones you normally don’t allow to affect you, those are the ones that today you will say yes to. Look at petrified flowers on old shrine steps. Talk to strangers. Take an adventure. You will be surprised.

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