Kyoto Jazz Massive Turns 20

Kyoto Jazz Massive Turns 20

Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple. –Charles Mingus Kyoto Jazz Massive on a Blue Note Mission by Beard Radio on Mixcloud In order to define the new album Mission by Kyoto Jazz Sextet (Blue Note Japan, 2015), and the renaissance of Crossover Jazz in Japan one needs to step […]

Kamasi Washington – The Epic

Kamasi Washington - Blue Note in Tokyo

“It’s hard to find unique voices in this music. Especially in jazz, more so lately, everybody is trying to do the same shit. I don’t want to hear ‘My Favorite Things’ anymore… What I am hearing is a leader among artists.” –Flying Lotus The Beard – EP 123 – Kamasi Washington by Beard Radio on […]

Free Jazz – RIP Ornette Coleman

Free Jazz - RIP Ornette Coleman

It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something. The Beard- EP 122 – A Tribute to Ornette Coleman by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Free Jazz – RIP Ornette Coleman After I left Texas and went to California, I had a hard time getting anyone to […]

What Questions Not To Ask Bands

What Questions Not To Ask Bands

The Governors Ball Festival in Randall’s Island Park in New York happened this past weekend. Matt Mayer from Funny or Die, got in to ask some bands what questions they were sick of answering, and answer them himself. The three-day festival line-up included: •DRAKE •THE BLACK KEYS •DEADMAU5 •LANA DEL REY •FLORENCE + THE MACHINE […]

Halfway to Music – 2015 Best So Far

Halfway to Music – 2015 Best So Far

The Beard – EP 121 – Best So Far 2015 by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Halfway to Music – 2015 So Far With albums like To Pimp A Butterfly from Kendrick Lamar, Carrie & Lowell from Sufjan Stevens, Choose Your Weapon from Hiatus Kaiyote, The Epic from Kamasi Washington, From Kinshasa from Mbongwana Star, In […]

Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer

Speedy Ortiz - Foil Deer

The Beard – EP 121 – Speedy Ortiz by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer When checking out Speedy Ortiz’s site, Google asks if you want it translated from Spanish. Racist or ironic? Neither. Judging a book by its cover (or in this case a band by their name) is dangerous, because […]

Hop Along – Painted Shut

Hop Along - Painted Shut

I’ve never made music alone. I’ve written a lot of songs in my room by myself. Somehow there always end up being a lot of people, a lot of experience involved and that’s what makes them important. — Frances Quinlan The Beard – EP 120 – Hop Along by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Hop Along […]

Mac McCaughan – Non-Believers

Mac McCaughan - Non-Believers

What appeals to me is songs that deal with the messiness and ambiguity that come with any transitional period. — Mac McCaughan The Beard – EP 119 – Mac McCaughan by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Mac McCaughan – Non-Believers Who is Mac McCaughan(Read the HESO Interview)? If you listen to rock music these days it’s […]

Mikal Cronin – MKIII

Mikal Cronin - MKIII

The Beard – EP 118 – Mikal Cronin by Beard Radio on Mixcloud Mikal Cronin – MKIII Don’t let the cover to Mikal Cronin’s odd yet aptly titled album fool you–he cut his hair. No! you scream, not the only other well-maned indie rock god (a million split ends thank you J Mascis)! Don’t panic, […]

Jacco Gardner – Hypnophobia

Jacco Gardner - Hypnophobia

The Beard – EP 117 – Jacco Gardner by Beard Radio on Mixcloud If bands could have babies, and the Kinks and the Beach Boys were seriously dating, thinking about moving in with each other, thinking about the future, if they were committed to a purity of baroque pop, and were out to dinner with […]