HESO Photo of the Week Misako Inaoka Exhibition

ArtPad SF Exhibition 2012 © Misako Inaoka

ArtPad SF Exhibition 2012 © Misako Inaoka

Flowers © Misako Inaoka

Flowers © Misako Inaoka

Dear friends and colleagues,

My new work will be at ArtPad SF from Thursday, May 17th through Sunday, May 20th. I hope to see you at the fair.

Also, my first animation piece is in a collaborative show called Broadside Attractions: Vanquished Terrains and is getting lots of great reviews! It is up till May 26th, please visit at:

Intersection for the Arts
SF Chronicle Review
Art Enthusiast
Misako Inaoka Homepage


The Foals' live energy is infective

Stallion Rock

I remember a comedy skit in which a nurse gently broke the news to a group of middle aged men that they would never be astronauts. They all burst into tears in unison with the realization that age slowly closes down all the possibilities you never even dreamed or yearned for— but you can still […]

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at Fujirock 2009 (Manny Santiago)

Best of Japan Decade part II 2009

This summary of the Japan I have come across since coming here in 2001 through today is by no means exhaustive and even now as I drink my 11.3% Trappistes Rochefort while rereading this, I am likely cringing at what I have left out. That said, how about we end the year with a few […]

Tempura Donburi

Tempura Donburi

Tempura Donburi, a photo by Dutch Harbor Sushi on Flickr. The tempura donburi (shown here with an extra helping of prawn), one of most delicious additions to the menu, comes with a selection of fresh vegetables: shiitake and enoki mushrooms, asparagus, sweet peppers, prawn & a baby octopus. Served over a bowl of scallion-scented jazmine […]

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