Rob & The Hoods played an impromptu live show in Kyoto recently, closing their energetic set with the infamous track “Katz & Peeps”. HESO Magazine has the exclusive debut of the “Katz & Peeps” music video. Lead singer, and visual artist, Rob Judges is “primarily inspired by the look of fading urban signage and typography, the vibrancy of popular music and advertising, the warmth of old comic books, the symbolism of North American totem poles, and the wit of 20th Century American artists such as Philip Guston and Jean-Michel Basquiat.” Can’t wait for more.

Rob sums up his Fujirock experience here:

“There are truckloads of bands, singers, DJs, “units”, experimental outfits, what have you, spread out across acres of forested area, packed with people concert-goers, all fighting the elements, who play at Fuji Rock every year, and you’ll never be able so see them all. It wasn’t until Battles played “Atlas” on the main stage Saturday afternoon that I really “connected” with the Festival. That’s such a wicked, bad-ass song-for-the-ages, and experienced LOUDLY with what felt like millions of people around me stomping simultaneously to it, it’s even better. Right then, I was all fist-pumping like, “ROCK!” and I didn’t even feel ashamed to be modern for a minute there, in that moment.”

Katz & Peeps – Rob & The Hoods

KATZ & PEEPS – Rob & the Hoodz from Rob Judges on Vimeo.

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