Noah Harpster YOLO Film Project

What is this nonsense?

This is a short film about an actor named Noah (me) who is $5k short of qualifying for health insurance for his family (true) when he gets Bell’s Palsy (also true)…SO, he decides to make a short film about an actor named Noah who gets Bell’s Palsy then makes a movie in order to pay himself the $5k so he can keep his insurance for his famly. PHEW! So meta.

How will it help?

Uh, My family gets to keep our insurance and you get to laugh at silly ole me with the watery eye.

Noah’s Site


Take Berlin - Lionize

Take Berlin Releases Lionize EP

Take Berlin: “Lionize” MOUTHWATERING RECORDS (VÖ: 17.05.2013) Yvonne Ambree was performing at the Baltic Soul Festival with soul legends Gwen McCrae and Ann Sexton, while Jesse Barnes was there while touring with New York-based Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the True Loves. The two met backstage just as Jesse and the band were running vocal warm-ups […]

Chessman (HESO Magazine)

(Chess Vs.) Hitler Vs. Einstein

Hitler and Einstein are towering icons, one often seen as epitomizing the megalomaniacal villain, the other, an example of the greatness of human achievement whose name is sometimes synonymous with the word “genius.” These two men were products of the 20th century, itself the result of an unprecedented amount of potential, opportunity, power, struggle and […]

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