Noah Harpster YOLO Film Project

What is this nonsense?

This is a short film about an actor named Noah (me) who is $5k short of qualifying for health insurance for his family (true) when he gets Bell’s Palsy (also true)…SO, he decides to make a short film about an actor named Noah who gets Bell’s Palsy then makes a movie in order to pay himself the $5k so he can keep his insurance for his famly. PHEW! So meta.

How will it help?

Uh, My family gets to keep our insurance and you get to laugh at silly ole me with the watery eye.

Noah’s Site


Sex Wax Goes Surfing

Sex Wax Goes Surfing

The term “Sex Wax” has always fascinated me. As a youth growing up in Long Beach, our tiny house just separated from the beach by the Pacific Coast Highway, my mother told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to “set foot across PCH.” Hearing talk of body boarding and surfing at school […]

蛸と海女 Octopus and Shell Diver (Hokusai, 1824)

Anime Psychedelica the Work of Satoshi Kon

Octopus and Pearl Diver While studying photography on a secluded part of the south coast of California in the late nineties I dated a frisky young blonde co-ed for a little more than a year. In our breaks from study we camped in Big Sur, visited her father’s home in Palo Alto and accompanied her […]

The (mostly) French Food Roadtrip 5: Center of France!

The (mostly) French Food Roadtrip 5: Center of France!

Going from the deep south of France all the way to Belgium is no joke. Maybe for people living in the USA or in Canada driving 1300km is of no consequence and they would do it to visit Aunt Gudrun over the weekend. Not so in Europe where the same distance can have you cross […]

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