Album Cover for Oy's KokokyinakaThe second album from OY, the musical guise of the half Ghanaian and half Swiss vocalist Joy Frempong, debuts worldwide today with the tongue-twisting title KOKOKYINAKA.

OY Drops New LP Kokokyinaka

Three years after First Box Then Walk, which put her on the musical map, OY is back with the recollected musings of rambling road trip across Africa. From the first seconds of the opening “Interlude”, the result is genre-breaking, yet melodious analogue, djembe-inflected Electronica.

Though the impetus for the album comes from half-heard stories and pieces of fables picked up while winding through the Kasbah the actual writing and the production for the record happened in Berlin under the guidance of talented drummer, producer, and co-writer Lleluja-Ha, whose textural drumming and feel for well fleshed out arrangements gives the album a strong backbone for Frempong’s lyrical diversion into stories collected on trips to Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and South Africa.

The strength of the album, beside the backbeat, remains Joy’s voice. The ability to adapt music to a painting–changing color palettes, textures, and styles with ease, hints at a bigger picture lying below the surface diversity of yet another artist going on a cliched musical African Safari. Download the album and have a listen.