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Photohoku by Brian Scott Peterson (HESO Magazine)

HESO Photo of the Week from Damir Sagolj

Photohoku by Damir Sagolj (HESO Magazine)

Photohoku by Damir Sagolj for http://photohoku.org/

Check out our new project, “Photohoku.org“, an effort to help rebuild and restart family photo albums for those in Japan affected by the events of March 11th. We had a super successful pilot run last month and will be visiting again in the coming weeks and as frequently as our supporters will allow. (Support/Suggestions welcome!)

One part of this project that we hadn’t forseen before we embarked on Tohoku was that once we helped these people start new albums, they might not have cameras to take the photos to continue with them. So we’re thinking about asking people who want to help but can’t be here, to dig out their old digital camera out of the closet (with charger) and forward it along and let us help find a new home for it. If you or anybody you know can participate this way, please contact [email protected] (Eng) or [email protected] (JP).

Things are just getting started so stay posted and share with your friends. Thanks!!!

Photo by Damir Sagolj, whose blog can be read here.


HESO Photo of the Week from Daniel Griffin


The Fool on the Hill


  1. Hern42

    That’s a nice project. Good luck with that. I’d send my digicrap but it wouldn’t be fair to the poor soul who’d ended up with it.
    All the very best,

  2. Jon

    Good on you for getting on and making something happen for them.

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