HESO Photo of the Week from Patrick Gookin II

Your Stomach Will Whisper The Way (HESO Magazine)

"Your Stomach Will Whisper The Way" Patrick Gookin

Patrick Gookin is a photographer from Los Angeles, CA by way of New Hampshire and Tokyo, collaborating with the poet Gabe Rothschild who writes titles and verses to go along with the images. In his own words, “We try to capture the absurd realities of living, especially those that come along with being an visitor in a foreign land.” See more of their work here.


Chinese Light © Barthelemy Longueville

HESO Photo of the Week by Barthelemy Longueville

Know the white, but keep the black! 知其白,守其黑 (Lao Zi – Dao de jing / 老子, 道德经) About Barthelemy: A photographer (among other things) based in China, I consider photography as a path to explore the simple beauty of our daily lives. Barthelemy is a member of BOP, and recently took part in the In […]

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