HESO Photo of the Week from Patrick Gookin II

Your Stomach Will Whisper The Way (HESO Magazine)

"Your Stomach Will Whisper The Way" Patrick Gookin

Patrick Gookin is a photographer from Los Angeles, CA by way of New Hampshire and Tokyo, collaborating with the poet Gabe Rothschild who writes titles and verses to go along with the images. In his own words, “We try to capture the absurd realities of living, especially those that come along with being an visitor in a foreign land.” See more of their work here.


The Wonderful and Dangerous World of Yellow

The Wonderful and Dangerous World of Yellow

This has never happened before. I don’t really know how to proceed. It is the internet age after all and who does interviews in person anymore? What small media outlet can afford to send a staff writer and photographer anywhere these days, let alone out to Singapore, where despite the allure of talking to burgeoning […]

Chāshū Pork Bowl

Chāshū Pork Bowl

The Chāshū Pork Bowl at Harbor Sushi. Chāshū is a traditional barbeque pork dish from China known as Char siu, but like most great things Chinese, the Japanese culture has adapted char siu and in many ways, improved on it, by including it as an ingredient in rāmen. The Harbor Sushi variety (slow-cooked pork belly) […]

Pizza oscura

Pizza Crazy – Hand Tossed Homemade Pizza Pies

I rarely make pizza these days, what with all the beautiful fish in my life, and one needs the proper atmosphere. A well-lit kitchen full of people and wine and loose flour floating through the air to give the scene the quality of a movie flashback. It needs to be kneaded, watched, risen, kneaded again, […]

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