Proud to be in Love © Cédric Spilthooren (HESO Magazine)

Proud to Be in Love by Cédric Spilthooren

In a country where communal and family values are the pillars of society, where the notion of “filial devotion” determines the intimate sphere of orientations, to assume and live one’s sexual orientations is a wager. By freeing themselves, some of these couples have decided to live together, others have the intention to do so. This […]

Exterior Hut House - Taos, New Mexico - Garbage Warrior by Oliver Hodge

Garbage Warrior

An Open Eye Media U.K. production. (International sales: the Works Intl., London.) Produced by Rachel Wexler. Directed by Oliver Hodge. With: Michael Reynolds. Mike Reynolds is a true garbage warrior. For more than thirty years he has been pioneering the field of architecture by introducing a new method of self-sustainable building called “Earthship Biotecture.” Before […]



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