Modern Japan Photographed with Lomo LC-A

Modern Japan via the LOMO LC-A

In part I of the series Manny Santiago looks at Modern Japan via the Lomo LC-A. Part II, III, IV and V are viewable here.


The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West (HESO Magazine)

Pop Zeitgeist Day of the Locust

Of all the major metropolitan cities in America, none deserve the misanthrope’s fury more than Los Angeles. After all, what urban area better represents the false promises of contemporary American Dreams than the one that declares you’re special and deserve your own TV show, only to exchange that dangling carrot for a dishwasher’s rag or […]


What’s the catch? A Fish Culture In An Era Of Resource Decline

The Japanese love fish: catching it, inspecting its quality, auctioning it, and above all, savoring the taste of its smooth, oceany richness. But in recent years, growing global demand for fisheries products has begun to outstrip supply, threatening to silence the sushi bars and auction houses. Some of the species that are closest to the […]



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