Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

HESO Submissions

Now Calling All Submissions!

HESO is dedicated to reinventing the outdated publishing paradigms of our consumer culture. Our international audience is made up of a number of ethnicities and nationalities. And as such we like to promote views from all walks of life. We are neither left nor right, but walk the middle path.

We love all cultural, societal, political, religious, and gastronomic materials, be they commercially viable essays on failing empires, academic probings into esoteric Buddhist sects, environmental exposés on Super-Capitalistic fallout, humorous political cartoons, thought-provoking film / music reviews, any kind of satire at all. More than anything, we seek compelling imagery that promote critically viewing the world around, as well as within, us.

Editorial Guidelines

Peruse some of our articles before submitting any ideas.

Send us your roughed out brainstorms, essays, your feature-length articles (we are not scared of publishing longform, if it’s compelling), fiction, poetry, reviews.

Do not send 1000 words on what will happen in 2012, unless it’s in Mayan and you have a translation.

What we’re looking for in submissions might offer a fresh pair of eyes to an age old dilemma, analysis under fire, a succinct piece of non-fiction offering sanity in a sound-bite driven mad world, a zeitgeist defining short story, a poem illuminating pieces big enough to chew on of this thing called life.

Once submitted, please be patient. If we like your idea we will be in touch, but be forewarned, it may take some time.

Email: [email protected]

Art Submissions

Send us your photographs, illustrations, paintings, posters, sketches, graffitis, videos, designs: We want to see positivity and big thinking, but don’t lose the subtlety.

All jpegs should be 300dpi and at least 3000 pixels at the longest edge with each image labelled with the name of the work and your name, zipped into a folder clearly labeled with your name. Please include your contact information in a document within the folder. Also include a description of your work and artists bio as well. If we like your work, we would like to credit you, so please include a website of your work.
username: newguest
password: iamaguest

Once submitted, please be patient. If we like your idea we will be in touch, but be forewarned, it may take some time.