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Is the World Ending - Photographs of the Universe Say Otherwise

World Ending – Photographs of the Universe Say Otherwise

The Maya, Hindu, Hopi, Summarians and the ancient Greeks all have similar beliefs–that there are 4 or 5 stages of the world and that we are either in the 4th or the 5th. The Sikhs think that we will go from the 4th to the 5th world on (or around) December 21st, 2012–though some place the phase change in 2013. There is no “apocalypse” in the rigid Judeo-Christian sense of the word, just minor changes in physics, maybe some exhaling of the sun (though Nasa contradicts this claim) and maybe some sort of subtle shifts in hard to quantify “consciousness.” The mythology goes that if we are in the 4th then what comes is the final stage, aka the Khalsa Raj; the age of enlightenment. Changing from one phase of the world to the next will come with some growing pains but it seems to ultimately be for the better.

World Ending – Photographs of the Universe Say Otherwise

A subtle aspect of all this doomsday hearsay is that the Hopi native Americans said that when the world was about to change, it would be connected by a great “web”, perhaps inferencing the world wide web. Though they both claim to be privy to ancient knowledge the Sikhs don’t seem to be aware of the Maya culture at all. Sikhism is about transcending the imaginary veil of illusion or as they called it “maya”, through meditation. NASA Universe Photos show that a beautiful and destructive universe is the norm, rather the contrary to what doomsday mythology of apocalypse-freaks say. Don’t be a literalist and read between the lines. Turn off your television and go outside.

Valhalla Festival - Electronic Music Parade

Festivals at World’s End

Valhalla Festival - Electronic Music Parade

Valhalla Festival – Electronic Music Parade

Festivals at World’s End

The word in the Amsterdam underground is that Valhalla (December 22nd) is an more than just an indoor winter festival with a multi-colored display of musical styles. It’s an exploration through the nooks and crannies of a convention center turned dance hall. A stimulating setting, that challenges and surprises, and is all about the experience and adventure.

2012 Time & Space Festival

2012 Time & Space Festival

If you can’t be bothered to be inside to watch the world go up in flames in chilly Europe, maybe the Time and Space 2012 Countdown Festival in Mexico is more your speed. We talked to organizer Arturo Maia about the upcoming event.

HESO: Arturo, 
you write: On December 21st, 2012 we reach the end of a 26,000-year cycle accurately measured by one of the most advanced astronomers from ancient times: The Mayans. Where did the idea for Time and Space The 2012 Countdown Festival come?

Arturo Maia: We dreamt about it since the late nineties, while on holidays in Tulum: “Imagine a party in the Mayan Riviera on December 21st, 2012!!!”, we used to say. Now we are stoked that the dream is being materialized.
 And while we all wonder what will happen when the day comes, there is serious speculation about a significant change and an awakening of consciousness.

HESO: Do you think the awakening of consciousness will just “appear” or will be driven by humans? Something else?

Arturo: I find it hard to believe that it’s something that would suddenly just “appear”; It must come from inside each individual, product of our intrinsic search for meaning. My personal search has always been influenced by music ever since I can remember, and so Time and Space is the outlet through which we channelize our natural sense of sharing music and creating experiences.

HESO: Are these locations: Mexico, and especially Tulum, significant for some reason?

Arturo: Absolutely. Mexico was once the Mayan’s Motherland, and much of the speculation around the Dec 21st 2012 phenomenon is directly related to the Mayan Calendar count. The Mayan pyramid of Tulum “The Castle”, is the only pyramid in the World on a beach shore, and we’ll be blessed with a privileged proximity and view at Time and Space Festival. All we know is that music brings people together in peace and harmony, revealing a connection that can be only described as magical… We believe that times like these could certainly use some of this magic.

HESO: What exactly do you mean by “times like these”?

Arturo: I’m referring to the evident global crisis the Human Race is going through, whether it’s violence, poverty, hunger, ecology, etc.

HESO: Any surprises or anything else we should plan for (i.e. bring a towel, passport, & your iPhone…)

Arturo: Every time I’m at the venue preparing for the Festival, I feel something running through my body; it’s truly exhilarating! Be prepared for a jaw-dropping location and view, awesome music, a word wide gathering and leave the door open to the unexpected! Bring some sunblock, hydrate regularly, dance, smile and enjoy yourself!!

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