Street Photography Examined

Daily Life Hums Along in Tokyo

“What happens when you interrogate yourself? What happens when you begin to call into question the tacit assumptions and unarticulated presuppositions and begin then to become a different kind of person?” –Dr. Cornell West I have long tried to get at the underlying philosophy of Street Photography. What is it exactly that makes a normal […]

Great Society for Hundred-Percenters

Great Society for Hundred-Percenters

What is it about storytellers’ imagination that it is inspired by the dystopian rather than the utopian? Dystopian novels are intriguing, for sure, and they reconfigure our social, political, and economic failings in a contextualized environment. They are literary caveats, Cassandra-like parables about what our world could become if we give in to our fears […]

The Bitchin’ Roll from Harbor Sushi

Harbor Sushi Bitchin' Roll

The Bitchin’ Roll from Harbor Sushi The western most sushi restaurant in North America, Harbor Sushi combines the best of traditional Japanese sushi & pub food with an American edge. The Bitchin’ Roll–with fresh Alaskan King Crab, avocado, cream cheese rolled up, tempura fried, and topped with a sweet Unagi sauce–is a great example of […]

Okochi Sanso Villa

Okochi Sanso Villa

The former villa of the silent actor Denjirō Ōkōchi (大河内 傳次郎 — 1896-1962)–most famous for starring in Akira Kurosawa`s Sanshiro Sugata, among many others and at his peak, was one of the top jidaigeki stars–lies lost in the back of Arashiyama’s bamboo groves. Called Ōkōchi Sansō (meaning Ōkōchi mountain villa) Ōkōchi’s estate consists of several […]

Chāshū Pork Bowl

Chāshū Pork Bowl

The Chāshū Pork Bowl at Harbor Sushi. Chāshū is a traditional barbeque pork dish from China known as Char siu, but like most great things Chinese, the Japanese culture has adapted char siu and in many ways, improved on it, by including it as an ingredient in rāmen. The Harbor Sushi variety (slow-cooked pork belly) […]

Beijing Food Markets

Touristy, but fun, the Dong Hua Men Market in Beijing tempts you to go outside your safe food zone

Manny Santiago explores the Foodie paradise of the Dong Hua Men Night & Sihuan Markets in Beijing as he travels overland from Kyoto to California

The Delhi on the Corner

Delhi On The Corner - Pop Zeitgeist by Sean Lotman

I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life. –The poet Ghalib quoted in Khushwant Singh’s Delhi: a Novel It was almost ten years ago but I don’t suppose I’ll ever forget the first time I arrived in Delhi. This was back in the day before […]

A Floating World in Bloom – Interview with Michael Nguyen

A Floating World in Bloom - HESO Interviews Tokyo-based photographer Michael Nguyen

I first met Michael Nguyen on a beautiful spring day in Tokyo, the flowers in bloom. We were in a Shibuya park on Meiji Dori, where an anti-nuke rally climaxed in a costumed hippie drum offensive, bursting in the dappled light. If I remember correctly, Mike had a can of beer and a cigarette (he […]

Japandroids – Shugo Tokumaru – Harouki Zombie at SXSW

Japandroids at SXSW

South By Southwest is much more than music. It’s a festival that’s takes over the heart of Austin, Texas, centered around the Austin convention center, and is going on now (March 8-17). Imagine a 10-day TedTalks presentation with both feature-length and short-film, conventions, tradeshows, interactive technologies, all converging in one of the best foodie cities […]