2015 is Laphroaig’s double centenary year and The Friends of Laphroaig 21st year as well. Celebrating the 200th year of making exceptional Scotch Whisky with a whole host of events and special releases. At the request of the Friends of Laphroaig there is one off bottling of the famous 15 year old and the permanent reminder in the form of a huge dry stone Cairn / Kiln near the water source – The Kibride Stream. There’s the new tasting room and in September there we will be the official party during Laphroaig Live.

Friends of Laphroaig

Friends of Laphroaig

What exactly is a Friend of Laphroaig? Having children causes one to get back to their roots, and as I’m Scottish therefore Whisky flows through my veins, so thankfully the one clear, sober decision I made was to join the Friends of Laphroaig and drink Real Whisky like it was meant to be drunk: On The Peat. As of November 2008 I’ve been a Friend.

From the deed:

“As a condition of this award, we agree to pay a yearly ground rent in the sum of one dram of Laphroaig, to be claimed in person at the distillery.

Upon the Leaseholder’s arrival at Laphroaig we undertake to provide a map, with adequate directions for locating the PLOT, and suitable protective clothing against Islay’s rugged weather and eccentric wildlife.

The LEASEHOLDERS’ Cupboard will contain at all times essential equipment, including: For ascertaining the boundaries of the plot, one tape measure; a pair of wellingtons, size 12, approximately one foot in length. For the journey to the plot, protective headgear against low-flying GEESE; a thick overcoat to repel the inclement Scottish mist; a lifebelt and anchor to safeguard against being blown out to sea; one ball of string for securing trouser legs from inquisitive stoats; and a towel for the Leaseholder to dry-off in the event of unwelcome attention from affectionate otters.”

To get your own you need a bottle and a code. Don’t wait, let’s dram it up like real Men Of The Sea.