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Kenzaburo Oe Leading Anti-Nuke Protest ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey_2011_09_19_6702

HESO Photo of the Week from Uchujin Adrian Storey

Kenzaburo Oe Leading Anti-Nuke Protest ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey_2011_09_19_6702

Kenzaburo Oe (2nd from left) and Yamamoto Taro(right) lead the 19th September Anti-Nuclear march as it leaves Meiji park in Tokyo

The scenes that started in Meiji park in Tokyo midday on September 19th, 2011 and continued through the day as a 50,000 people strong crowd, led by Kenzaburo Oe (winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 1994) marched through the streets of Tokyo to protest Nuclear power, are quite simply the most impressive thing I have ever seen in Japan.

The exact numbers in the crowd are in dispute (Police-29,000, NHK-60,000) but my estimate would be around 50,000. Consisting of a mainly older demographic that is sure to worry the politicians, there was none of the Police violence of early September’s much smaller and younger demonstration in Shinjuku, and the overall police presence was much smaller as well. See more of Uchujin’s image here.

Photohoku by Brian Scott Peterson (HESO Magazine)

HESO Photo of the Week from Damir Sagolj

Photohoku by Damir Sagolj (HESO Magazine)

Photohoku by Damir Sagolj for http://photohoku.org/

Check out our new project, “Photohoku.org“, an effort to help rebuild and restart family photo albums for those in Japan affected by the events of March 11th. We had a super successful pilot run last month and will be visiting again in the coming weeks and as frequently as our supporters will allow. (Support/Suggestions welcome!)

One part of this project that we hadn’t forseen before we embarked on Tohoku was that once we helped these people start new albums, they might not have cameras to take the photos to continue with them. So we’re thinking about asking people who want to help but can’t be here, to dig out their old digital camera out of the closet (with charger) and forward it along and let us help find a new home for it. If you or anybody you know can participate this way, please contact [email protected] (Eng) or [email protected] (JP).

Things are just getting started so stay posted and share with your friends. Thanks!!!

Photo by Damir Sagolj, whose blog can be read here.

Untitled Portrait © 2011 Daniel Griffin (HESO Magazine)

HESO Photo of the Week from Daniel Griffin

Untitled Portrait © 2011 Daniel Griffin (HESO Magazine)

Untitled Portrait © 2011 Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffin also known as Falsalama is a man of few words and many smiles. How else would he be able to get such amazing photographs of children in Thailand, Nomadic Horsemen of Tibet, fashionable young women, as well as the likes of Björk?

Daniel is currently walking the Ohenro pilgrim’s trail around Shikoku island in Japan. More of Daniel’s work can be seen here.

Ship Loading Cranes © Jon Ellis

HESO Photo of the Week by Jon Ellis

Ship Loading Cranes © Jon Ellis

Ship Loading Cranes © Jon Ellis

Ship Loading Cranes in Hamburg by Jon Ellis who solves the world’s problems here. Longtime denizen of Tokyo suburbs, now roaming the shipping ports somewhere between Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, he dives, shoots film and despite having a secret love of mirrored architecture, dislikes the Sony Center. He says:

“Attempting to carry on the architecture project in Hamburg feels wrong. Or at least i’m not inspired by it yet. Perhaps Tokyo really is some sort of magical city for photography. Certain it is hard to match for density and (architectural) diversity.

The River Elbe running through Hamburg, with all the associated docks, container ships, cruise liners, etc. is far more interesting than the buildings (which isn’t to say that the buildings are uninteresting, they’re just of a different scale / diversity / number). Unfortunately said river is also proving rather difficult to engage with: access is difficult, and short of actually living down by the water, so is timing.”

For his part in Fragments of Tokyo he has been featured here before.

Chinese Light © Barthelemy Longueville

HESO Photo of the Week by Barthelemy Longueville

Chinese Light © Barthelemy Longueville

Chinese Light © Barthelemy Longueville

Know the white, but keep the black!

(Lao Zi – Dao de jing / 老子, 道德经)

About Barthelemy:
A photographer (among other things) based in China, I consider photography as a path to explore the simple beauty of our daily lives.
Barthelemy is a member of BOP, and recently took part in the In Search of Humanistic Photography at the CPF Exhibition. More on Shadowgraphy.

Sunset at Katsura Mini Island © Sean Wood

HESO Photo of the Week by Sean Wood

Sunset at Katsura Mini Island © Sean Wood

Sunset at Katsura Mini Island © Sean Wood

We have seen Sean’s work before. While he continues his relentless pursuit of the image, he is also the creative director for various beneficial organizations, including the United Nations University’s excellent magazine Our World 2.0. Our World 2.0 seeks “solutions to the global challenges of climate change, food security, biodiversity loss and peak oil…The Our World 2.0 web magazine shares the ideas and actions of citizens around the world who are transforming our lives for the better.” If there were to be a day that it be recognized rather as truly our world, may it be today, and every day hereafter.

In Praise of Young Men

In Praise Of Young Men from Uchujin on Vimeo.

Written by and starring – Sean Lotman

Directed, Shot & Edited by Uchujin/Adrian Storey

Music ‘Quis Non Posset- Domenico Scarlatti’
Performed by The Tudor Consort

For more information read the blog post.

©Uchujin/Adrian Storey 2011

HESO Photo of the Week by Arnaud De Grave

Lebanon, Beirut, shot with an Olympus OM1-MD and 50mm 1.4 on Scala @ 200iso, October 2010.

Kids don’t care about politics, just learning how to fly…

Check out more of Arnaud’s photography at Azimut Brutal

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