So… long story short, I will bring my friend Rowena K. from Barcelona, Spain to Leuven, Belgium by car. We could drive it in one go, it’s only about 16 hours but that would be a waste of good food and drink opportunities, would it not? Come on! Barcelona, the South of France, the (roughly) centre of France with Lyon, Grenoble, Clermont-Ferrand then Alsace and Lorraine along the way and more… Nothing to say about drinks as we would go through at least half a dozen wine regions. And then Belgium with the highest density of beer breweries per square kilometre and food to go with it. Just writing about it makes my mouth water. I need an aperitif, like, right now!

Writing and tasting duties will be shared by yours truly and Rowena K. Pictures will be taken by yours truly, all digital unfortunately as time and regularity in posting are key. We will try to keep you updated on where we are and more importantly what we had in our plates and glasses very often but it all depends on Internet availability of course. We will be adventuring in remote areas in search of traditional food experience…

Basque Country cider in Catalunya, you got to be kidding me! Click To Tweet

French Food Roadtrip 1 – Barcelona

French Food Roadtrip 1 - Barcelona

Breakfast in Barceloneta, with a beach view.

So let’s start with our first stop: Barcelona, while I was waiting for the other half of the team to show up, plane tickets and reservation being what it is I had some airport time in front of me. Fortunately Estrella is available in all convenient stores at airports and train station. I still had time to go spend the night in town and drink some and eat some as well… nothing fancy. Notably the breakfast included a very very creamy croissant, I’d actually call it cream with croissant much more than croissant with cream. The official cortado (half espresso, half whole milk) accompanied it nicely.

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After a couple of train rides we will arrive at our second stop: Txot Sidreria in Figueras, city of Salvator Dalí for the ones amongst you readership with a fancy for psychedelic painting. To be noted that this rather small Catalan town sports the world famous Dalí museum (yes, the one with the bathroom sculpted on the ceiling of some room, go figure…) However we were there to catch a car ride to the South of France but not before stopping for some new-school tapas and Basque Cider! Basque Country cider in Catalunya, you got to be kidding me!

After dragging ourselves out of the Cider-induced madhouse of Dali’s Figueres,we venture to the third stop on the French Food Roadtrip: a small house in the Pyrénées.

What could be better than that – A small house in the mountains? Oh yes, stop 4 on the French Food Roadtrip: Roussillon and the Sea.

After refreshing ourselves at Roussillon and the seaside, now it is time to move on and jump in the mix of French Food Roadtrip 5 – Center of la France!

Once you have a taste of the city, nothing but the best will do. This is where we take the French Food Roadtrip 6 – to Lyon & Grenoble.

This is getting intense people & I think you can feel it. Now that we survived Lyon by protecting ourselves with some of the best local cuisine, wine and beer we venture to French Food Roadtrip 7 – le Buget and Montbéliard in le Jura.

What is Choucroute? Come with us and find out on the French Food Roadtrip 8 – La Maison de la Choucroute in Strasbourg

And finally–though this is not the end–we must finish our French Food Roadtrip 9 – En passant par la Lorraine.