HESO Featured Photographers

HESO began as a hand-folded and stapled zine known as the “occasional magazine” in Fukuoka in 2004 by Manny Santiago. Initially HESO (臍 in Japanese means belly button) grew from a self-printed, hand-folded, stapled zine by five JET English teachers who in their free time passed out the full-color bi-monthly wherever they could find interest. When costs rose and different priorities were realized, HESO moved to Tokyo in 2007 where it became a quarterly culture magazine (フリーペーパー) centered around a theme, and featuring the work of photographers, interviews and articles on positive-thinking and forward-moving individuals and organizations, music and concert reviews, great outsider art, fiction and of course, beer.

Now strictly an online journal devoted to culture HESO has featured a number of professional and amateur photographers, poets and artists working all over the world. Here are a few, but we are always looking for more. Contribute?