Interview with Snjezana Josipovic (HESO Magazine)

Interview with Snjezana Josipovic

HM: Looking through your photos, there is a sense of a powerful personal aspect at work here.

SJ: That is intentional, because I do make photos for myself. And because of myself and maybe, I don’t know, but I’m trying to find something out about myself. Then comes everything else. It is that connection between what I see and what I am, I guess the two dialogues, internal and external. It is also that I don’t like to talk about some things, so I make a photo. Or I draw, whatever, it’s hard for me to express some feelings with words. It’s much easier to try to make a photo…but it doesn’t have to begin and end with photography. I was studying painting in high school, fashion and graphic design in college. I like to change things to see where I can communicate best with the world. I don’t think you should have boundaries in your work and this is where some mixed media work of mine has come from. This is just a game, just playing to try to figure out how things work in life, my little investigations, human perception. I don’t like to stop. People’s reactions are really interesting, but for me they are unnecessary. Read the entire Interview with Croatian-based photographer SNJEZANA JOSIPOVIC here.