Steel guitars, harmonicas, polaroid cameras, lp albums spinning on an old record player. The real meaning of these anachronisms is their irreproducible original–the analogue which has natural equivalent–the real thing. Like your girl: is she a photo fantasy listening to your records in lingerie or is she real?

“Burn”, a smart and edgy new video single that uses the latest in technology to reference the analogue of old cameras and yesterday’s blues by seamlessly blending sound and vision into a modern version more palatable for today’s globetrotting vagabond culture where airmiles are the new currency and thumb drives full of mp3s are the new handshake.

The imagery forces one to think of the inevitable loss of the past, remembered as bordering on an almost treacly nostalgia, yet “Burn”‘s old-timey blues noise is sublime enough to distract us from what is truly being suggested: that everything offered here, both sonically and visually, can be digitally reproduced ad nauseam, including the girl. Since experiencing K_Chico live is the only way to go, those of us living outside that realm of possibility must suffice with the digital representation.

Some Facts:

  • Pre-production – 5 Months
  • Days of shooting photos – 2
  • Total pictures taken – 3072
  • Pictures used in the video – 256
  • Average time of work morphing one scene 6 hours
  • Scenes morphed in total – 108
  • Scenes used in the video – 42
  • Actual videos used in video – 3
  • People on set – 6