Above is the tentative itinerary now (after chatting with Tiffany and my ladyfriend), although I need to have The Mom’s take on it but the general direction is there. I’d like to maximize time in Portugal so i’ll probably rush the part in Spain or at least try to. Here is the general direction of the itinerary:

Iberian Road Trip Preamble

  • Wine (Tiffany has a contact for me to get close to the production)
  • The good the bad and the ugly
  • Craft beer (if i can, not as many as in other parts of europe of course)
  • Tiffany in Lisboa
  • The ocean shore
  • Actual balls (because “les rognons” are not actual balls, they are kidneys basically, and i do love rognons)
  • Maybe some dancing/music because the ladyfriend would kill me if i do not see/shoot some
  • Porto! (with the port wine of course)
  • Gugenheim in Bilbao
  • Sausage in Toulouse with some cassoulet if we are not dead by too much food by then!
  • and more… and possibly not what is mentioned ahah…madness.

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