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Viking Love - Swedish Indie Rock Revolution

Viking Love – Swedish Indie Rock Revolution

Viking Love – Swedish Indie Rock Revolution by Beard Radio on Mixcloud

A continuation of Sin Fang & All Things Icelandic

The Norse Creation Myth continued:

Odin, Vili, and Vé killed the giant Ymir. When Ymir fell, there issued from his wounds such a flood of blood, that all the frost ogres were drowned, except for the giant Bergelmir who escaped with his wife by climbing onto a lur [a hollowed-out tree trunk that could serve either as a boat or a coffin]. From them spring the families of frost ogres.

The sons of Bor then carried Ymir to the middle of Ginnungagap and made the world from him. From his blood they made the sea and the lakes; from his flesh the earth; from his hair the trees; and from his bones the mountains. They made rocks and pebbles from his teeth and jaws and those bones that were broken. Maggots appeared in Ymir’s flesh and came to life. By the decree of the gods they acquired human understanding and the appearance of men, although they lived in the earth and in rocks. From Ymir’s skull the sons of Bor made the sky and set it over the earth with its four sides. Under each corner they put a dwarf, whose names are East, West, North, and South. The sons of Bor flung Ymir’s brains into the air, and they became the clouds. Then they took the sparks and burning embers that were flying about after they had been blown out of Muspell, and placed them in the midst of Ginnungagap to give light to heaven above and earth beneath. To the stars they gave appointed places and paths.

The earth was surrounded by a deep sea. The sons of Bor gave lands near the sea to the families of giants for their settlements.

To protect themselves from the hostile giants, the sons of Bor built for themselves an inland stronghold, using Ymir’s eyebrows. This stronghold they named Midgard. While walking along the sea shore the sons of Bor found two trees, and from them they created a man and a woman. Odin gave the man and the woman spirit and life. Vili gave them understanding and the power of movement. Vé gave them clothing and names. The man was named Ask [Ash] and the woman Embla [Elm?]. From Ask and Embla have sprung the races of men who lived in Midgard.

In the middle of the world the sons of Bor built for themselves a stronghold named Asgard, called Troy by later generations. The gods and their kindred lived in Asgard, and many memorable events have happened there. In Asgard was a great hall named Hlidskjálf. Odin sat there on a high seat. From there he could look out over the whole world and see what everyone was doing. He understood everything that he saw. Odin married Frigg, the daughter of Fjörgvin. From this family has come all the kindred that inhabited ancient Asgard and those kingdoms that belonged to it. Members of this family are called the Æsir, and they are all divinities. This must be the reason why Odin is called All-Father. He is the father of all the gods and men and of everything that he and his power created.

The earth was Odin’s daughter and his wife as well. By her he had his first son, Thor. Might and strength were Thor’s characteristics. By these he dominates every living creature. As all informed people know, the gods built a bridge from earth to heaven called Bifröst. Some call it the rainbow. It has three colors and is very strong, made with more skill and cunning than other structures. But strong as it is, it will break when the sons of Muspell ride out over it. The gods are not to blame that this structure will then break. Bifröst is a good bridge, but there is nothing in this world that can be relied on when the sons of Muspell are on the warpath. The chief sanctuary of the gods is by the ash tree Yggdrasil. There they hold their daily court. Yggdrasil is the best and greatest of all trees. Its branches spread out over the whole world and reach up over heaven.

Viking Love – Swedish Indie Rock Revolution

Featuring music from:
Miike Snow
José González
The Sounds
Lykke Li
Peter Bjorn and John
Träd Gräs Och Stenar
Esbjorn Svensson Trio

Rent-To-Own - Best Music of 2014

Rent-To-Own – Best Music of 2014

Like every great religion of the past we seek to find the divinity within and to express this revelation in a life of glorification and the worship of God. These ancient goals we define in the metaphor of the present — turn on, tune in, drop out.

— Timothy Leary, at a press conference in 1966

The Beard – EP 100 – Best Music of 2014 by Beard Radio on Mixcloud

Rent-To-Own – Best Music of 2014

There are more ways to entertain yourself than ever before. There were more than 600 major motion films produced in 2014. Television offers more choice and range of viewing options for any type of fan out there, and it’s better than ever. Thousands of albums came out in 2014. In no time prior has there been more music being produced than now. Yet all of the Big Three Media have become subservient to the Gaming Industry, or the New World Order. You can access any of the Big Four across multiple platforms: Public Arena (theaters, concerts), home theater (Blu-ray, On demand), as well as mobile devices (Phone, Mp3, Cloud). The truth is, it is easier to see and hear whatever you wish in whatever format suits you, even without advertising, if you are willing to pay. But there are two issues at stake here:

1) How much access do you have to the content you really want? The music that is out there, but out of range of the content delivery systems: the big Movie Studios, Record Labels, Mass Media Corporations, which more and more are bundled into one of 7 companies: Comcast, 21st Century Fox, Walt Disney Co., CBS Corp., Viacom, Time Warner, and Sony.

2) The Cloud connects you to the digital grid, letting you upload / download “your” music, movies and books, but it’s more like a perpetual rent-to-own–you never own the thing, you just use it based on your location. Which is what we want, societally speaking anyway, at least it seems to be what we vote for with our wallets. We ask and we receive. Or as DEVO puts it:

Freedom of choice
Is what you got
Freedom from choice
Is what you want

All for you to be more secluded than ever before. Timothy Leary’s counterculture ethos of Turn on, tune in, drop out has never seemed so perverse. The electronic world has been digitized and is pocket portable, yet is more consolidated than ever, and is offering surprisingly fewer choices for your self-eroticizing desires. You have the ability to chose between a thing and another thing, unless you don’t know there is another thing. Mass Media and Madison Avenue would have you be herded into comfortable demographics of listeners, viewers, consumers who don’t struggle with confusing choices. The medium is the massage, as Marshall McLuhan (he whom originally coined Leary’s Tune In… phrase) wrote, and the message is “Accept your fate, asshole!” and listen to what we tell you. The music is sending us another set of messages however. It is telling us that it is the clash, the turmoil and the endeavor which define our ability to move forward and make positive and present choices for the betterment of humans everywhere. In order to get down, you got to get on up. So instead of dropping out and plugging in the wireless Beats earbuds you got for Christmas, why not tune in to the street as you walk to work. Who knows what you may actually turn on?

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